Breaking Skin Care, Myths fact or fiction?

Did your mum ever tell you to eat carrots to see in the dark or that if you pulled a face in the wind it would stay like that? ……………………………. maybe those things you were repeatedly told about your skin aren’t so true either………………………..

1.”You must drink plenty of water if you have dry skin to keep it hydrated”

There is not enough research to confirm this myth – drinking water will hydrate your body but it won’t necessarily cure your dry skin.

Dry skin is an external problem and is best treated from the outside. External factors such as cleansing products, environment and oil glands determine how dry your skin is or will become.

Our skin is the largest living organ of the body and it is exposed to harsh chemicals and environmental factors each day., not to mention what we add onto it in our daily skincare products.

Moisturizer needs to be applied to skin after getting it wet to trap water in the top skin layers. These layers are what dries out and can only be hydrated from the outside due to the great protective barrier that skin gives our inner body.

Your skin will have it’s own natural barrier to the free radicals out there but sometimes we can strip our skin of it’s natural barrier by the products we use and the damage we cause.

look out for the key words on the back of your bottles: Mineral oils, bepanthen, petroleum these ingredients will all block the skins natural protection not letting anything or anything out therefore causing issues such as dryness or oiliness.

2.If you dermaplane or shave, your hair will grow back thicker and darker” – 

Now who was told this one many times as a teenager?

If this were true, then I have many a bald or receding friend who has not yet quite worked this one out !

Dermaplaning is actually great exfoliating tool to not only get rid of that peach fuzz, but the top layer of dry dead skin cells to reveal much smoother glowing complexion and people have been doing it for years. just only in the UK for 2 haha it takes us a while to catch on.

3. “Botox will make you look deformed” – Well erm yes….no let’s go with debateable.

When performed by the right hands this procedure can be helpful in many ways.

Preventative Botox is becoming more and more common for a younger age group but also has it’s uses for stopping excess sweating and migraines.

4. “Retin-A is only for pimples”

NO no NO no well yes it can be great for that but we have since discovered pimples kryptonite – salicylic acid! pimples number one enemy and our number one hero! Retin-a is however very great at preventing wrinkles.

5. “You only need to apply sunscreen in the sun and the higher the factor the better protection”

NO! and do not get me started on the sunscreen factor we will be here allllllll day! all you need to know for the purpose of this blog is that you don’t need to go higher than 30 like ever, forever, 30 and done! just like my age-30 and done.

We must protect our skin all year round not just from the sun but from the wind the rain and environmental factors, all of these lead to damage and wrinkles.