A little about me…

So Most of you all know me I just wanted to share the last 2 years with you because I feel like they have flown by ! It all started with an idea and a dream (ok, ok ……possibly a small glass of wine was involved…… ok bottle)

So yes 2 years ago I was sat at home deciding on a career change or mid-life crisis whichever you want to call it. With a CV 25 pages long and a background in everything I could never quite find the thing that was enough!

A scroll through Instagram and I stumble across Microblading something a friend had mentioned to me 2 years previous and I had told her I thought she was mad wanting to get a tattoo on her face (ironically crying right now)

Have you ever heard the saying, “We miss almost 7 huge opportunities in life because we are too busy and not open to learning or saying yes”

Well I guess that was me back then I didn’t even give my friend a chance to explain what it was she was going on about , I had an ego and it said NO

fast forward to now I have created nearly 400 gorgeous eyebrows using the Microblading tattoo method and finally found something that challenges me daily

And I have YOU to thank for trusting in me from the very beginning and continuing to support me on my new career path and learning journey.

We started at a home based clinic and without notice or choice moved into the town centre location near Waitrose, called “Defeyeing Limits” back then (you can tell there was wine involved now right? lol

A short lived but wonderful time at such a beautiful location, we were again on the move and again not my choice , more wine and dinner with a friend in marketing and it soon came to light that “defeyeing limits” was a ridiculous name for a brow and skin clinic !

So with your help we re branded into The Pure Clinic offering #purebrows #pureskin you have all been such a huge part of the future of The Pure Clinic and I try to deliver what you are after with a 5 star luxury approach

That leads me into our new and forever home at The Ultimate Sanctuary! A place I have been promising from the beginning all that you want under one roof! or one place WHO CARES we have FREE UNLIMTED PARKING WAHOOOOOO!! can you even cope, no more running down the road with clingfilm wrapped around those brows to beat the traffic warden lol!

 Thank you again and I hope to see you soon in clinic x