Touching base with January

Just wanted to touch base with you all after a very busy start to the year and also very exciting . So many things have happened not just with the clinic but with me as well! You wouldn’t believe me if I told you….

Here is a quick glimpse. In January I was contacted by a modelling agent (I didn’t even know I had) and asked to go into London to a casting for the Very TV advert and summer/spring catalogue ( I actually got penciled in for the job) this is another story on it’s own!

My sister works for British airways and she asked if I would like to join her on a short trip to Kuala Lumpur, we were there for 48 hours! And she even upgraded me to first class can you even cope?

I was contacted by a training company in Leicester who asked if I would come to their training academy to teach their students Mina Henna brows, the brow treatment that is hitting the UK by storm in 2019.

In February I was selected by an international panel of judges to be entered in to the finals for microblading artist of the year award 2019.

I was contacted by a plastic surgeon’s clinic over in Cyprus to go over as a guest skin specialist and offer dermaplaning treatments to their clients.

Can you even believe it !! what is going on !! I am literally so gobsmacked and so grateful all at the same time . Those of you who have been with me since day one know how hard I have worked and how many obstacles I have had to overcome to keep the pure clinic alive

Eeeeeeek I just need to pinch myself

So from the bottom of my heart thank you so much for your continued support my business grows because of you and your kind words and recommendations

I look forward to sharing more of my crazy stories with you, don’t worry I won’t be emailing you every week , I could though you know, I can talk a lot pahahaha

I just thought it would be nice to connect and catch up once a month, mainly because I have no life you guys are my life and I want to stay in touch!

2-3 hours a year with you all is just not enough to fill you in on all the Gossip and bat shit crazy things that happen in my weird and wonderful life of me brows and skin

Until next time xxx

Please feel free to hit the unsubscribe button if I annoy the hell out of you I promise I would not be offended, you would however maybe miss out on some ridiculously good discounts and reward advantages for being my online friend.

Ps: did I mention building work has started on my house … its going to be ok right ? pass me the wine !