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Lisa is a 2019 UK finalist for microblading artist of the year. She has been working within the brow industry for three years, having worked on 1000 brows within her portfolio, specialising in creating and enhancing a natural hairstroke brow using the permanent makeup technique: microblading.

Lisa has a background in healthcare and education and has experienced phlebotomist run clinics at leading local hospitals, such as Hinchingbrooke and Papworth, and also managing clinics within Her Majesty’s Prison Service.

Hey I’m Lisa, it’s so great to meet you virtually,

I am a multiple business owner and Director of The Pure Skin Clinic helping you love the skin you are in.

I started my journey into business 8 years ago when I was introduced to working online with a company who’s ethos aligned with my life mission. To live a fun, fulfilled healthier life owning my own confidence growing daily and showing others how  they can do the same.

The mindest and business skills that I learnt through this company are what led to new opportunities, passions and opening my Microblading & Brow clinic in 2016, my skin clinic in 2017 , my training academy in 2018 , my permanent make up clinic in 2019 and now my journey into becoming a Holistic Nutritionist specialising in treating skin from within through beauty foods & my signature pure skin reset 30 day programme’s.

My mission to help you feel amazing on the inside and glow on the outside, skincare is essential and make up is a choice, lets work together to create flawless skin and enhance your features with natural looking permanent make up, the perfect solution for busy schedules. Wake up feeling fresh and ready to take on the day.